So, your day of oral surgery is fast approaching and you’re wondering what you should do and how you should prepare. On the day that you’re supposed to come into our office for treatment, it’s important that you wear the right clothing and that you have someone come with you for the procedure.


It’s very important that you dress for the occasion when going in for oral surgery. Your clothing must be out of the way enough for the surgeon to do his or her job properly.

Choose loose fitting and comfortable clothing that isn’t something you are very concerned about. Our surgeons and technicians will do their best to avoid staining your clothing, but there is always a chance that some staining will occur.

That’s why you should wear something you aren’t too attached to before heading into our office. It’s also important to avoid wearing any jewelry because you will have to remove all of it before the procedure anyway. It’s best to just leave it at home and avoid having to store it in the office during your procedure.


There is a strict rule about driving after the oral surgery is complete. You must have someone come to the office to pick you up, or have them stay there while the procedure is going on so that you have a ride when you’re all done.

That’s because an anesthetic is used during most of our surgical procedures and it just isn’t safe driving around after you have something like that done. By having someone to drive you around after you can rest assured that you’ll be safe getting home.

There isn’t too much preparation that must be done before you come in to our office for oral surgery, but it’s important that you go through the proper steps to have a comfortable and effective procedure. Follow the steps outlined above before you come to our office and you’ll have more success overall.

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