All-On-4® Treatment Concept Surgery

All-On-4® Treatment Concept is a dental implant solution that was developed in the 1990s as a way to best restore the full arches of the upper and lower jaws. The procedure uses only four implants to secure all teeth in place hence, the name All-On-4® Treatment Concept. It was developed by implant manufacturer Nobel Biocare and European implant dentist Paulo Malo using bio-mechanics, computer simulation and clinical research. Their results provided patients with high quality full teeth restoration without the use of bone grafting in the shortest time possible.
For candidates eligible for the All-On-4® Treatment Concept procedure, the general process for treatment involves just two steps: a consultation and surgery.

During the consultation the candidate undergoes an assessment where eligibility is determined, dental needs are assessed and a solution is prescribed. The next step in the consultation process is 3D CAT Scanning where state-of-the-art technology is employed to plan your surgery. The final step in the consultation process is taking dental impressions so molds can be created to make the teeth which will be attached the day of the surgery. The next step is surgery where the implants are placed into the patient’s mouth and new teeth are attached to the dental implants.


In order for your dentist to properly evaluate your case you will initially require a consultation and diagnostic appointment in order to best determine the treatment path necessary for your case. This includes determining whether or not your case will require extractions, gathering the appropriate information via x-rays, panoramic scans and impressions and any other photos required. Directly after this consultation, the patient is scheduled for implant surgery in which the new replacement teeth are fitted and adjusted.

Four titanium implants are placed in the jaw in such a way that the implants will integrate with the bone and become secure. The implants that are placed in the back part of the jaw are placed at an angle to achieve maximum advantage to the existing bone structure. Once the four implants are secure, the abutments will be attached so that the replacement teeth can be fastened and adjusted for maximum comfort and function giving you a brand new radiant smile. Because only four implants are used in the procedure, the entire process is much less invasive and involves less surgical time than previous treatments.


The beauty of this new procedure is the sheer convenience. The implants developed for this treatment allowing for the immediate fitting of replacement teeth to the abutments. This means that with only four implants, patients can leave their dentist office with a full set of new replacement teeth in most cases! No bone grafts necessary! The teeth are permanent and fixed so there is no need for patients to be without teeth or to endure temporary dentures for an extended time period. The patient is enabled to come for a morning appointment and leave that same afternoon with a brand new radiant smile!


Occasional check-ups will take place over the course of several weeks and months to ensure that that the gums have properly healed and that the implants have successfully integrated to the bone structure. After that, all the patient needs to do is schedule regular visits to their dentist for routine cleanings.


The result is a brand new long lasting smile with maximum comfort, support, and functionality. Most importantly, patients will walk out of our office with a boost of self-confidence and an irresistible urge to smile more often, leaving any previously feelings of discomfort or self-awareness.