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Is an Underbite Something that Must be Corrected?

A beautiful smile can go a long way in providing you with confidence. When your teeth are misaligned, you may find yourself hiding your smile, which can leave a negative impression on those around you. One such dental issue that can impact the appearance of your mouth is an underbite. WHAT IS AN UNDERBITE? With […]

Foods That Boost Healing After an Oral Procedure

Like any other type of procedure, an oral procedure requires time to heal. You should rest, avoid strenuous activities and take any antibiotics as prescribed by your oral surgeon. Another crucial part of the healing process involves eating a diet full of nutritious foods. Here are the types of foods you should be eating to […]

Common TMJ Treatments You Should Know

Your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the point at which your lower jaw meets your upper jaw. This joint is responsible for the movement of your jaw – opening your mouth, chewing, speaking, moving your lower jaw from side to side. When you have pain in the jaw and around the joint, a condition known as […]