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Talk to Your Oral Surgeon if You Have Tinnitus

Tinnitus is an uncomfortable ringing sensation in the ears that doesn’t seem to ever go away. It’s a symptom of other hearing-related issues, and in some instances dental issues as well. That’s why we encourage anyone suffering from tinnitus to come in and talk with one of our oral surgeons about the issue. CURING TINNITUS […]

Symptoms of a TMD

When you struggle with a temporomandibular-joint disorder, or TMD, it can make just trying to make it through a single day miserable. The pain can come and go, but when it hits, it can make your entire day all about trying to manage the discomfort. The best thing that you can do if you suspect […]

Can You Use Ice Too Long After an Extraction?

After you have had a tooth taken out, you will probably be looking for ways to reduce pain and swelling. A method that we frequently recommend to our patients is using an ice compress placed against the outside of the cheek. An ice compress will keep the blood vessels constricted. This, in turn, means there […]

Symptoms to Be Aware of When You Have TMJ

Having TMJ can come seemingly out of the blue. It can leave you feeling as though you don’t know what to expect. If you even suspect that you could struggle with TMJ, it is important that you seek out advice from your oral surgeon or your dentist. They are going to be the ones who […]

Simple Ways of Speeding Up Oral Surgery Recovery

Once you go through oral surgery, you have to be careful when you recover. This means taking it easy, following the specific instructions from your oral surgeon, eating the right foods, and caring for your mouth. If you want to help speed up the recovery time after oral surgery, there are other things that you […]

How Oral Surgeons Remove Impacted Teeth

Have you recently been told that you have an impacted tooth that will require extraction? If so, you may be trying to figure out exactly what that means. Impacted basically translates to stuck. It means that your tooth is stuck where it is and it is not going to come out properly on its own. […]

Do Bony Growths in the Mouth Hurt?

One of the more alarming things to change inside your mouth is to discover that you suddenly have a bony growth. These are commonly the result of a problem within your TMJ, or your jaw joint. They can also show up if you have a malocclusion causing the two sides of your jaw to come […]