You likely heard your oral surgeon talking about the benefits of a salt water rinse after your oral surgery procedure. This is because it can quickly improve your mouth’s ability to heal.

Salt water has long been used to help increase healing, and will allow you to get your mouth clean so you hopefully won’t have to face any type of an infection.

It is important that you rinse regularly, and for as long as your oral surgeon tells you to.


There are many different kinds of oral surgery. Some of them are minor, such as a tooth extraction. However, others are major, such as placing dental implant supports.
They each take their own time to heal. The more complex the procedure, the longer your oral surgeon is going to tell you that you should rinse with salt water.

By using salt water, you are rinsing your mouth clean of debris and bacteria. Bacteria thrive in moist, dark, and wet environments. Some even enjoy feasting on fresh blood and clots. As a way to keep the bacteria away, you use salt. It changes the mouth enough to keep bacterial levels down, and prevents you from getting an infection in most cases.

Typically, your oral surgeon is going to tell you to do it 2-3 times a day, sometimes more or less. Follow their instructions carefully. This will help keep your mouth healthy, and increase how quickly you can heal up.

They will likely want you to come back in shortly after the surgery to make sure that you are healing properly. If you are on medication and can’t keep track of how often you rinse, make a chart. That way, if your oral surgeon asks, you can show them that you kept up with your part of the aftercare instructions well.

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