Some people have constant ringing in their ears, so it doesn’t seem out of place to them. Others have a sudden onset of ringing in the ears that raises a flag. No matter which category you fall into, you cannot take ringing of the ears as nothing to worry about.

Ringing in your ears is more than a headache causer. It is also something your body is trying to do to tell you something is wrong. You need to listen to your body, no pun intended.


If you recently went to the dentist and they used sonic tools, your ringing may be due to the tools they used during your procedure. However, outside of that, ringing in the ears is often a sign that your eardrums are under pressure.
This can be due to something like an impacted tooth, or even a wisdom tooth that is trying to slide into place to emerge. Sometimes that ringing will go away on its own after the tooth shifts into its proper position. However, that is far less likely than it is for you to have some type of impaction that needs to be dealt with.

If you notice that you have ringing in your ears, especially if it accompanied by pain in your jaw, you need to speak with your oral surgeon. They may need to do some x-rays to see what is going on, but they can often advise a treatment that will help you with the ringing in your ears.

Don’t just sit there and deal with the pain or discomfort that noise creates. Contact our office today we have the ability and experience to resolve the issue.