Once you go through oral surgery, you have to be careful when you recover. This means taking it easy, following the specific instructions from your oral surgeon, eating the right foods, and caring for your mouth.

If you want to help speed up the recovery time after oral surgery, there are other things that you can make sure to do as well. Here are a few tips that can make healing even faster.


First, you want to make sure that you elevate your head for the first 2-4 days following oral surgery. This keeps swelling down and allows your healing to increase.
Second, you want to make sure that you avoid straws and cigarettes after oral surgery. By sucking on something like this, it can pull the clot out of the socket or surgical area, and lead to incredible amounts of pain, plus slower healing.

Third, make sure that your mouth stays moist at all times. If you aren’t feeling up to drinking a lot, use an oral moisturizer. However, staying hydrated is important, so drink as much as you can. Fourth, use ice regularly during the first 1-2 days.

Apply it for 15 minutes on the area closest to the surgical site, then take it off for another 15 minutes. This pattern keeps the swelling down and allows your mouth to heal more quickly.

Finally, when you do feel up to drinking, try drinking only coconut water that is kept as cold as possible. This helps flood the surgical area with electrolytes, keeps it moist, and keeps your blood sugar stable while you are still unable to eat a lot of solid foods.

If you want more ideas on how to make sure your recovery is as quick as possible, talk to your oral surgeon when you have your surgery performed.

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