One of the more alarming things to change inside your mouth is to discover that you suddenly have a bony growth. These are commonly the result of a problem within your TMJ, or your jaw joint. They can also show up if you have a malocclusion causing the two sides of your jaw to come together unnaturally. However, they are common. If you notice that you have a bony growth somewhere in your mouth, it is important that you speak with your oral surgeon about having it removed to promote the health of your mouth.


Bony growths come about as your body’s way of trying to correct a bite that’s slightly off. They build up from problems with your bite, and they continue to grow until the bite begins to come together properly. Some bony growths come in with the person never knowing it was there. Others come in and cause an ache in the gums or the jaw. Most are barely noticeable in terms of pain, but because they stick out, they can get scraped up. This is often when most people realize they have the growth to begin with.
If you take the time to examine your mouth and notice that you do have a bony growth, the best thing to do is to go in and see your oral surgeon. They will often remove the growth to remove any chance of the growth getting scraped up by anything. They will often then examine your mouth to see if there are any signs of TMJ disorders. While not all people who have bony growths in their mouth are going to have a TMJ disorder, all will have something going on in their mouth to cause this type of issue. Let them get to the bottom of it, so you don’t have to worry about them again in the future. If you have any questions, or if you would like to learn more, please call us today at (405) 848-7994.